user preferences

01 Installation

Once BPainter is downloaded, open the User Preferences(Ctrl+Alt+U) which can be found in the File menu. Head over addons tab and press the Install from File.. Operator. Navigate to your ZIP file and install it.
If the checkbox for BPainter is not yet toggled, activate the addon and press the Save User Settings Operator at the bottom. This will make sure BPainter is loaded on each Blender startup.

02 Addon Preferences

In the User Preferences you can also adjust some Preferences for BPainter. Just open the the Settings by pressing the small arrow icon. 

  • Use Alt as Colorpicker - This will set the alt key as shortcut for BPainters advanced Colorpicker.
  • Override Buildin Colorpicker - This will setup Blenders default Colorpicker shortcut (S) to use the BPainter Colorpicker.
  • Load Brush Factory Settings -  This will reset all Brushes to its default state.

03 Updating BPainter

If you want to update BPainter, it is recommended to first uninstall BPainter. There for just press the Remove Operator for BPainter. Save the User Preferences and restart Blender. Then reinstall the addon as described in step 01.
Uninstalling BPainter first and then restarting makes sure all cached files are cleared. If that step is not done, it may happen that some strange behavior appears. Cached data from previous installation may interrupt with the new installation.