color docker01 Functions Overview

BPainters Colortab is designed to give you quick access to setup colors for your desired Brush. You can setup a primary and secondary color. The sedondary color is accessed by pressing CTRL while painting.

  •  The color can easily switched by pressing the the double arrow icon. arrow icon
  •  The black/white icon will setup black and white as default primary and secondary colors. bw icon
  • colorpicker icon The Colorpicker icon  will start BPainters Colorpicker. This will let you pick any color from the viewport in an unshaded way. This lets you pick any color you want. The Colorpicker can also be accessed with the S or ALT Shortcut.
  • plus minus Colorpalette. BPainter is shipped with a default color palette. This lets you pick often used colors. You can easily add and delete colors by using the + and - icons. 

02 Advanced Settingscolor adv

The advanced Settings can be accessed by pressing the small cog icon in the upper right corner. The advanced Settings menu will provide you more advanced settings. Here you can do following:

  • enable Colorwheel in the tab directly
  • Save/Restore and create new Color palettes
  • Hide/Show color palettes