Introduction - layer system internals

BPainters layersystem for the internal renderer uses blenders texture slot workflow in the background. It builds a usability layer on top and can be accessed via the layer docker. It is basically a different representation of texture slot workflow and especially build for texture painting. So the focus here lies in easily creating new paintable texture layers without the need of assigning images to textures, setting up size, uv mapping etc. This massively improves the workflow.

Since BPainters usability layer exists next to Blenders layer system, it may happen that it can get out sync. So when changes like stack order of layers are not done with BPainters layersystem but with Blenders internal texture slot workflow, it may happen that BPainter does not display the right data. The good thing is, a small icon pops up when this is the case. By pressing it, everything can be synched.

BPainter supports a variety of different layer types, such as diffuse, spec and bump textures. A more detailed list can be found further at the bottom of this article.

Function Overview

The layer docker offers this set of functionality:

  • new layer Add new Layer - There is a set of different layer types you can create
    • Diffuse
    • Bump
    • Specular
    • Glossy
    • Alpha
    • Stencil
  • merge layer Merge Layer - This is a bake operator. It lets you combine multiple layers into one.
  • move up down Up/Down - Move layers up and down in the layerstack. This will define the draw order
  • delete layer Delete Layer - Delete the selected layer

internal layer docker