stencil dockerThe BPainter Stencil Texture Docker is for creating stencil masks. That way you can easily create patterns/logos etc. and draw them onto your model.

01 Creating new Texture Categories

If you want to create a new Stencil Category, just press the Directory Icon next to the Category. This will launch the os file explorer. Create a new directory and it will be displayed as selectable category within BPainters Stencil Docker.

02 Adding new Textures to a Category

For adding new textures you just have to copy new png or jpg textures into your desired directory. Within the BPainter Tab just press the update icon next to the category. This will load in all image textures.

03 Using Stencils and Settings

If you want to use a stencil texture, just select it from the Texture Selector. This will show a stencil overlay graphic in the Viewport.

Positioning that stencil texture can be done with a few shortcuts:

  • Move - Alt + Rightclick
  • Rotate - Ctrl + Alt + Rightclick
  • Scale - Shift + Alt + Rightclick
  • Reset Stencil Texture - Use the Reset Stencil Transformation Operator in the Stencil Docker

This is an Overview of all Settings in the Docker

  • bw icon Invert Mask - Lets you invert the Black and White values
  • Tonemap L/R - Lets you change the contrast of a mask
  • Reset Stencil Transformation - Resets the stencil texture
  • Use Cavity Mask - Enables a cavity mask. The curve defines how the cavity mask behaves. This is usefull for creating creases

stencil texture adv04 Advanced Settings

The Stencil Texture Docker also has some Advanced Settings. Here is an overview:

  • Mapping Mode - Defines how the Texture assigned to your brush
    • View
    • Tiled
    • Random
    • Stencil
  • Angle - Angle of the displayed texture
  • Offset - Location of the displayed texture
  • Scale - Scale of the displayed texture
  • Alpha - If enabled, defines the display transparency for the preview