texture dockerThe BPainter Brush Texture Dock creates an easy way to assign textures to your brushes. That way you can quickly add details to a brush. Thanks to BPainters texture manager you can create texture libraries in a breeze.

Blenders Texture Managing can be a little bit cumbersome in some situtations. This is what this Dock tries to solve.

01 Creating new Texture Categories

If you want to create a new Texture Category, just press the Directory Icon next to the Category. This will launch the os file explorer. Create a new directory and it will be displayed as selectable category within BPainters Texture Dock.

02 Adding new Textures to a Category

For adding new textures you just have to copy new png or jpg textures into your desired directory. Within the BPainter Tab just press the update icon next to the category. This will load in all image textures.

03 Assigning Textures and Settings

If you want to use to assign a certain texture to a brush, just select it via the Texture Selector. Now your brush will use this texture in the painting process. There will now popup a few settings you can adjust to customize how the textures behave:

  • bw icon Use as Mask - If enabled, the texture will be used as transparency mask for your brush. No Colors will be used for painting
  • Show Texture - Option to preview the brush texture in the Viewport
  • Invert Mask - inverts the mask transparency settings
  • Tonemap L/R - Lets you change the contrast of a mask

04 Advanced Settingsbrush texture adv

The Brush Texture Dock also has some Advanced Settings. Here is an overview:

  • Mapping Mode - Defines how the Texture assigned to your brush
    • View Plane
    • Tiled
    • 3D
    • Random
    • Stencil
  • Angle - Defines the angle of the brush texture
  • Rake - Defines if the brush texture rotates into draw direction
  • Random - Enables random rotation for the assigned brush texture
  • Random Angle - Defines the random rotation angle if the random option is enabled
  • Alpha - If enabled, defines the display transparency for the preview