brush docker BPainters Brush tab is designed to deliver a fast workflow for setting up your brush with all important settings. All important information is visible at first glance. For more advanced settings you can go into the Advanced Settings Menu.

01 Functions Overview

brush selector

Search Field and Brush Selector

The search Field is lets you type in names. This will filter the brush list and show you brushes that correlate with your search query. This is usefull when you have a long list of custom brushes.

The Brush Selector displays a list of all available brushes. Here you have access to any BPainter brush.

Brush Settings

  • Size - Defines the brush size (F Shortcut)
  • Opacity - Defines the brush strength/opacity (SHIFT + F Shortcut)
  • pen pressure Pen Pressure - Enables/Disables you the stylus pressure for brush size and opacity
  • smooth stroke Smooth Stroke - This will enable a delayed stroke which gives you a more smooth stroke. Handy for clean lineart
    • Radius - Defines the delay Radius for the smooth stroke 
    • Factor - Defines how much the stroke is smoothened
  • custom curve Brush Curve - Lets you define the Brush Contour. Hard or Soft (Alt + F Shortcut)
  • alpha Use Alpha - If disabled, you can only paint on opaque areas. This will lock your transparent areas.
  • Brush Mode - This defines how your brush color is mixed with the underlying canvas colors

 02 Advanced Settingsbrush adv

As always, the advanced Settings give you access to features that are not used very often in the normal painting workflow but needed from time to time. Here is a list of all Advanced Settings:

  • Save/Restore Brushes - This lets you save/restore customized Settings. That will be available in any blendfile
  • Add/Delete Brushes - Add complete new brushes or delete them
  • Storke Method - lets you define how your brush stroke will work/look
    • Dots
    • Drag Dot
    • Space
    • Airbrush
    • Anchored
    • Line
    • Curve
  • Spacing - defines the spacing between each brush sample within a drawn line. Smaller values are slower
  • Scatter - defines how scattered each brush sample will be placed.
  • Alpha - If enabled, this value lets you define how strong the brush curve is preview in the viewport
  • Symmetry Settings - lets you define 3 symmetry axis (XYZ) to mirror your brush
  • Projection Settings
    • Occlude - If enabled, Object parts can occlude the brush stroke.
    • Culling - If enabled, faces that are directing away can not be painted on
    • Normal - Defines the angle of faces that can be painted on
  • Bleed - the value that paint extends the UV Layout, small values may produce visible seams on the model
  • Dither - the amount of dithering the brush uses
  • Unified Settings - if checked, this settings will apply for all brushes. Otherwise only for selected
    • Size
    • Strength
    • Color
  • Icon Path - Defines the path to a custom brush icon