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3 Reasons why BPainter could be interesting for YOU


Intuitive Layersystem and UI

BPainter offers an intuitive layersystem you probably know from 2D painting apps. No UI Clutter. BPainter gives you all important functions at hand.

Universal Brush Library

No need to append any brushes from blendfiles. BPainter delivers a Brush Library that is available in any blendfile. Changes to that Library can be easily saved and accessed in any file.

Easy Texture Access

Assigning textures to brushes has never been as easy as in BPainter. BPainter is shipped with a set of textures. Adding custom textures is as easy as copying your image file into a folder. Direct access in BPainter.





Complete Feature Overview

feature brushes

Universal Brush Library

BPainter offers a great set of build in brushes. No need to append brushes to your blendfiles. BPainters Library System makes the brushes available in any blendfile. Adjusting or creating new Brushes is super easy.


feature ui

No UI Clutter

With to goal to create a very workflow optimized user interface, BPainter offers a very clean UI. All important features are at hand and can be directly accessed. 


feature layers

Powerful Layersystem

A powerful layersystem gives you a fast and flexible workflow. Adding, rearranging, merging and deleting paint layers offers all important features you would expect. On top of that you have access to layer masks, adjustment layer and procedural layers.


feature blendmodes

Layer Blendmodes

The layersystem offers all sorts of blending modes. Some commonly used are for example:

  • Multiply
  • Subtract
  • Add
  • Overlay 
  • Color

And many more


feature colorpalette


BPainter ships with a default Colorpalette. Easily create new palettes which are globally available.


feature colorpicker

Improved Colorpicker

Blenders Colorpicker is sort of limited. Picking colors from layers lets you only pick colors of that particular layer. No mixed colors of multiple layers can be picked. BPainter Colorpicker tackles that problem.


Feature Comparison 

BPainter offers a different set of features for Blenders Internal and CyclesRenderer. Here is a feature comparison of both render modes.


Cycles Renderer

Internal Renderer

Paint Layers
Adjustment Layers
Procedural Layers
Mask Layers
Merge Layers
Universal Brush Library
Universal Color Palette Library
Brush Textures Support
Stencil Texture Support

Hello World,

I am glad to anounce the release of BPainter 1.1.
After an awesome response for the first release, I could collect some experience of users. Common problems that people had over and over. So with this release I tried to tackle some of those issues.

Changelog Overview:


  • add Alpha Lock per Layer (this lets you lock the alpha per layer)
  • add pie menu for dockers (A Key)
  • take aspect ratio of paint layer into account for plane preview
  • add proper Alpha Output for Paint Channel
  • show message when wrong Shading mode is set
  • search field for layer creation from existing images


  • set active material for plane preview same as for intial object
  • Attempt to fix merging layers crash.
  • update Images when changing the Category for Stencil or Brush Textures
  • advanced menues now also work in upcoming Blender 2.79

Here are some highlights

Alpha Lock

Blender supports Alpha Lock per brush. So this means you can only paint within opaque areas. BPainter now has support to extend this per layer. This lets you lock alpha for any selected layer.

Docker Pie Menu.

Access any docker where ever you are in the 3D Viewport. The newly added pie menu lets you choose quickly which docker you want to open.

Search Box for adding Image Layer.

Adding new layers from existing images could by challenging when a lot of images are stored within your blendfile. This new search field filters directly and selects a match.

Shading Mode Detection

People where often telling me, that the layers were not displayed correctly. This had to do with a wrong shading mode. Now BPainter detects if the wrong shading mode is selected and notifies you. Change it by clicking the button.

You can get the latest version of BPainter on the Blendermarket or on Patreon

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